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Task Job Organizer Pro: simple database management software that helps you to enter, organize, and manage any kind
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27 March 2014

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This is a database based software that can be used for managing tasks, jobs and projects.

TaskJob Manager for Windows is one of a series of products based on multiple databases that have each customized for a specific task. These include project manager, issue tracking products besides this task and jobs tracker we are going to discuss. This application uses four databases that are personnel, tasks, task costs and an activity log. The personnel database lets you maintain and organize personnel, the tasks database lets you catalog, manage, and track all tasks, task costs database lets you enter and track all costs and expenses and the activity log tracks all task activities. The success of any database depends on how current the database is anytime. Thus updates are important and this is affected by how easy or tough the data entry process is. This application makes a conscious effort to actually make this easy.

The other part of the effectiveness of database is how comprehensive the reports are. A report wizard, a label wizard and a HTML generator wizard help you take care of all the reporting needs. Professional looking documents, task/job reports, summaries, task/job data web pages and labels with color and graphics are easily done. A database designer lets you modify the templates to suit your exact needs. Task/Job Table Viewer allows you to view data in rows and columns. The browser allows very flexible viewing using the browser viewer. Data entry modification of task/job data records or generating of data specific commands is possible through the standard data viewer. Though it’ll take some time to set up or to customize and an experienced resource, the day to day operation should be easy. All in all, this is quite a flexible tool for tracking activities.

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TaskJob Manager for Windows: simple database management software that helps you to enter, organize, and manage any kind of small tasks, activities, project jobs. Databases included: Personnel: maintain and organize personnel. Tasks: catalog, manage, and track all tasks. Task Costs: enter and track all costs and expenses. Activity Log: track all task activities. Features: Quick and easy data entry. Track task/job general data, dates, costs, progress,... Print, display task summary reports, task/job lists. Many flexible database processing features. Unlimited number of job/task records. Unlimited number of databases. Several user-definable data fields. Search data by any field. Sort data by any field.
TaskJob Organizer Pro
TaskJob Organizer Pro
Version 3.1
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